We’re Not Teasing About This Crown Twist

POSTED: 07/26/14 6:20 PM

Braided hairstyles have become a staple to this season’s look books, but keeping up with the ladies who’ve already grown their hair into mermaid like tresses can be difficult if volume isn’t your strong suit. We took the challenge of transforming straight, mid-length hair into a voluminous crown twist to show that any look can be managed no … Continue reading We’re Not Teasing About This Crown Twist

We Pin Beauty

POSTED: 07/23/14 5:25 PM

Pinterest can be a twilight zone between the reality we live and the laundry list of DIYs and tutorials we’d like to accomplish. In Parlor’s new blog series “We Pin Beauty,” our objective is to expose our followers to the trendiest beauty inspiration and healthy living options (yes, that includes food, makeup, hair, and home decor tutorials … Continue reading We Pin Beauty

Summer’s Dewy Sheen In A Bottle

POSTED: 07/17/14 4:39 PM

This summer’s genie in a bottle is Aveda’s beautifying composition oil and it’s not hard to get your hands on. The oil when mixed with concealer creates a sheen that’ll lighten up your face, making you look fresh and at peace with the summer heat. Now, don’t go overboard. Adding too much oil can cause different effects on each skin … Continue reading Summer’s Dewy Sheen In A Bottle

DIY: Nail Designs For Beginners

POSTED: 07/12/14 3:00 PM

Summer gives us more time to spend on details, so today we’re showing you an easy way to transform your at-home manicures into something special and unique. The tutorial is below! The Materials: Step 1: Paint your nails with white nail polish until they’re opaque (they may need three coats!), and let the nails dry before moving onto the … Continue reading DIY: Nail Designs For Beginners

Breaking The Sun’s Rays: Top Summer Hats

POSTED: 07/5/14 11:38 AM

      Lathering on sunscreen is a token experience to summer living, but protecting our luscious tresses never seems to be a point of conversation. UVA & UVB rays can cause split ends, color bleaching, and dehydrated hair that breaks easily, and trailing hair wherever you go like a crumb clue isn’t quite considered the cutest … Continue reading Breaking The Sun’s Rays: Top Summer Hats

Express Yourself With Alternative Hair That Pops

POSTED: 07/1/14 6:52 PM

It’s safe to say that alternative hair colors have taken over this season. It’s not just the celebrity crowd either, but the people you’d least expect. The hues range from pastels to sharp reds and our stylists at Parlor cannot get enough of the transformations. Stylist Victoria Ratliff just finished a makeover herself and we have the photos … Continue reading Express Yourself With Alternative Hair That Pops