3 Picture-Worthy Adventures For This Weekend

Kara 2

1. Kara Walker’s Art Exhibit at the Domino’s Sugar Factory — Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The Domino’s Sugar Factory is filled with an eeriness and rustic quality that lends itself to Walker’s exhibit and her exploration of race and gender. If the breathtaking art is not convincing you to make the trek to Williamsburg (though it should be!), then we haven’t yet mentioned it’s free. The display will be one of the last exhibits inside of the factory as it’s scheduled to be torn down in the coming months. The show is open until July 6th. 

Chelsea flea markey

2. Chelsea’s Antique Garage — Chelsea, NY

The Chelsea Antique Garage flea is open every weekend from 9AM-5PM and is filled with treasures that can’t be found anywhere else. The vendors are located inside a two-story parking garage on 25th street between 6th and 7th avenues. It’s filled with antiques (including furniture pieces!) and vintage jewelry that’s affordable. Need silver? Come here! It’s the perfect spot for gift shopping… and shopping for yourself too!

bbg 3

3. Brooklyn Botanical Garden — Park Slope, Brooklyn

It’s hard to find a quiet space in the city, but we’ll help you out. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, despite it being one of the least secretive places in the Brooklyn borough, is surprisingly intimate. The large fields will give you enough space to  wander for hours (especially if you go during the week!). Admission costs: Adults – $10 / Students – $5 / Children 12 & under – free 

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  1. Hey I bet you didn’t know that Parlor on Avenue B first started its huge mirror collections in the Chelsea Antique Garage in December of 1994 almost 20 years ago! I remember that first mirror like it was yesterday and now we have 12 of them!!!

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