Breaking The Sun’s Rays: Top Summer Hats

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Lathering on sunscreen is a token experience to summer living, but protecting our luscious tresses never seems to be a point of conversation. UVA & UVB rays can cause split ends, color bleaching, and dehydrated hair that breaks easily, and trailing hair wherever you go like a crumb clue isn’t quite considered the cutest trick in the book. To get you started on becoming a guru for healthy hair (like us!) we’ve collected four of our favorite hats to showcase. These hats will protect your hair wherever you wander this summer & function as your chicest accessory.

1. ‘Nicole’ Floppy Hat — $64

2. Genie by Eugenia Kim Billie Wide-Brimmed Straw Fedora — $90

3. Straw Baseball Cap — $65

4. Straw Weave Raffia Panama — $35