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Fight Dry Skin with these Tips!

POSTED: 01/11/16 5:42 PM

Winter is here in NYC and with the frigid temperature comes dry skin.  Not only is dry skin unsightly, it can be uncomfortable and even painful.  Below, the Parlor Beauty Squad shares their favorite tips and tricks for defending against the effects of the winter weather on our dermis.

by Christopher, Aveda Makeup Artist at Parlor & Parlor in Brooklyn

Summer’s Dewy Sheen In A Bottle

POSTED: 07/17/14 4:39 PM

This summer’s genie in a bottle is Aveda’s beautifying composition oil and it’s not hard to get your hands on. The oil when mixed with concealer creates a sheen that’ll lighten up your face, making you look fresh and at peace with the summer heat. Now, don’t go overboard. Adding too much oil can cause different effects on each skin … Continue reading Summer’s Dewy Sheen In A Bottle

Ombré Lips That’ll Mega Shine

POSTED: 06/7/14 11:18 AM

It’s time for a tutorial on how to create a sweet-summer ombré lip. The steps are easy, so this is a perfect opportunity to provide minimal effort yet look thoughtful and confident in your getup. Makeup artist is Victoria Ratliff, available for bookings at Parlor in Brooklyn.  1. Line lips with Aveda’s plum petals lip liner (or a lip … Continue reading Ombré Lips That’ll Mega Shine