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Earth Month 2017!

POSTED: 08/3/17 10:15 PM

Each year, Parlor and Aveda team up with Global Green Grants (globally) and Clean Ocean Action (locally) to raise money for clean water projects.  This year, Parlor is proud to announce that we were the top fund raiser in the entire North-East region!  This is all thanks to you, our Parlor guys and gals! Through … Continue reading Earth Month 2017!

A bangin’ new look

POSTED: 08/3/17 9:15 PM

Summer is upon us! This means new blooms, new adventures, and obviously new hair. If you’re looking for a way to update your hairstyle without completely chopping it off, consider some fresh fringe. (Or just go ahead and chop it off. Dooo it.) Bangs can make a huge difference in how you show off your face shape … Continue reading A bangin’ new look

So you wanna have cool hair?

POSTED: 04/16/17 1:15 PM

Over the past few years fashion colors have taken the Internet and therefore the world by storm. No longer is it the domain of angst-ridden high school students with access to Manic Panic. Alternative, unnatural hair colors have become more widely accepted in the workplace, which in turn makes ours even more fun.

NYFW update! (and our secret weapons for glowing skin)

POSTED: 03/6/17 3:58 PM

The Parlor Beauty Squad was invited backstage for another season at New York Fashion Week!  Serving the Aveda makeup team under the leadership of Global Artistic Director of Makeup, Janell Geason, we had front row and behind-the-scenes access to fashion’s biggest stage.  We’re here to bring the trends to you before they hit the streets! … Continue reading NYFW update! (and our secret weapons for glowing skin)

De-tangle with Bryzow

POSTED: 01/27/17 3:58 PM

We recently had a client who had spent two weeks in the hospital with sensors glued to her scalp. When she was discharged, her beautiful, long, curly hair was matted up beyond belief. The hospital gave her a few glue-remover wipes and no advice about how to restore her hair, so she came to Parlor … Continue reading De-tangle with Bryzow

Parlor’s 5th Annual Beach Clean-Up

POSTED: 06/3/16 5:13 PM

To celebrate the closing of Earth Month, Parlor joins Clean Ocean Action (COA) each year and hosts a local beach clean-up.  Our mission: To remove and record debris from local waterways, spread awareness, and make a positive impact… Oh, and we have FUN while doing it! 

2016 Makeup Trends

POSTED: 02/20/16 2:53 PM

Hello Parlor Dolls! The Parlor Beauty Squad was backstage at NYFW for the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 season creating makeup looks for the runway.  Our makeup artists brought back tips, tricks, and upcoming trends to share with our followers!