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De-tangle with Bryzow

POSTED: 01/27/17 3:58 PM

We recently had a client who had spent two weeks in the hospital with sensors glued to her scalp. When she was discharged, her beautiful, long, curly hair was matted up beyond belief. The hospital gave her a few glue-remover wipes and no advice about how to restore her hair, so she came to Parlor … Continue reading De-tangle with Bryzow

Parlor’s 5th Annual Beach Clean-Up

POSTED: 06/3/16 5:13 PM

To celebrate the closing of Earth Month, Parlor joins Clean Ocean Action (COA) each year and hosts a local beach clean-up.  Our mission: To remove and record debris from local waterways, spread awareness, and make a positive impact… Oh, and we have FUN while doing it! 

2016 Makeup Trends

POSTED: 02/20/16 2:53 PM

Hello Parlor Dolls! The Parlor Beauty Squad was backstage at NYFW for the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 season creating makeup looks for the runway.  Our makeup artists brought back tips, tricks, and upcoming trends to share with our followers!

Fight Dry Skin with these Tips!

POSTED: 01/11/16 5:42 PM

Winter is here in NYC and with the frigid temperature comes dry skin.  Not only is dry skin unsightly, it can be uncomfortable and even painful.  Below, the Parlor Beauty Squad shares their favorite tips and tricks for defending against the effects of the winter weather on our dermis.

by Christopher, Aveda Makeup Artist at Parlor & Parlor in Brooklyn

8 ways to use Beautifying oil!

POSTED: 12/14/15 2:24 PM

Cuticles Massage on to help condition cuticles. Hands and Feet Soften your dry skin. Bath Drop aromatic oil into your bath. Makeup Cleanser Apply a few drops to moistened skin and gently massage.  Works great to dissolve stubborn mascara and eye makeup Body Seal in your moisture after your bath or shower. Scalp Nourish and condition your scalp. Massage Enjoy aromatic … Continue reading 8 ways to use Beautifying oil!

Parlor’s 2nd Annual Teacher Appreciation Day

POSTED: 09/24/15 8:28 PM

At Parlor, we have a culture of education that we believe poises our team to be among the best that New York City has to offer.  To show our appreciation for the individuals that dedicate their lives to education, Parlor is proud to host our Annual Teacher Appreciation Day.

Sun Care for Summer Hair

POSTED: 07/31/15 5:16 PM

During the hot sunny summer months our routines and personal wellness regimens change to meet the demands of our environment.  With the weather inviting us out to play we are exposed to more sun, and thus harmful UVA/UVB rays.  Most of us already use SPF lotions and sprays to protect our skin but did you know that your hair is also at risk of damage from the sun?  The Aveda Sun Care line is designed to help defend against the sun’s rays and repair damage that has already taken place.  We would like to share some of our East Village Stylist’s favorite ways to use the Aveda Sun Care line and why they love it for Summer hair!

Summer Style Challenge: Be Curly

POSTED: 07/10/15 2:31 PM

Humidity-Resistant Curls for Summer!

It’s no secret that Curly hair and Humidity don’t always get along.  Sure, the moisture is great for the health of our hair and skin, but it can leave your tresses frizzy and undefined.  What’s a curly girl to do?  Thankfully, the Parlor Beauty Squad has some pro tips to create beautiful curls that fight off the unflattering effects of the season’s weather.

Summer Style Challenge: Braid, Set & Go!

POSTED: 06/24/15 3:34 PM

Braid, Set, Go!

With the change of the seasons comes a change of routine.  We must adapt to our new conditions as the weather shifts from cold and dry, to hot and humid. Creating a hair style that lasts through the busy day and can beat the heat and humidity is a challenge, and the Parlor Beauty Squad is here to share some style tips and tricks to help!