Controlling Frizz Is Not An Easy Job…But Here Are A Few Tips.

Controlling Frizz Is Not An Easy Job, But Here Are A Few Tips


Dear Luminaries,

 Spring is here and summer is quickly approaching, bringing sun-kissed tans and blooming botanical gardens, but also one of the most difficult hair dilemmas among men and women. Frizz. The pesky little fly-aways are stubborn, especially when the proper techniques aren’t used. We have a few easy solutions! There are different strategies for every hair type.
Curly Hair – We recommend Aveda’s Be Curly line (especially the style-prep, curl enhancer, and curl controller if it’s your first time using the line) combined with a hairspray that will act as a barrier between your hair and the humidity such as the Witch Hazel hairspray or the Be Curly enhancing hairspray.
Straight & Wavy Hair – If you prefer options (i.e. leaving your hair smooth one day and wavy the next) Smooth Infusion allows for that type of flexibility. The products are designed to tame frizz for up to 12 hours (or even a few days!), depending on application. We suggest using the Smooth Infusion style-prep and glossing straightener in combination to create an effortless, and not to mention frizz-free, summer look.
Smooth Infusion Retexturizing Treatment (SIRT) – This treatment allows for individuals with various curl patterns to enjoy a permanent shift to a smoother hairstyle. The treatment is low maintenance and only needs to be retouched once a year. The process is far superior to keratin treatments and relaxers because the strength of the SIRT smoother can be customized, allowing for any variation between loose waves and stick-straight hair to be created.
Naturally Straight – The last option is a new addition to the Smooth Infusion line that’s launching in May. This product will loosen waves over time, allowing a product user to have smooth and straight hair for as long as a month and then simply washing it out (multiple washes will be necessary) to return to their normal texture. This product is considered semi-permanent and will be available at Parlor after its launch!