DIY: Travel-Size Toiletries

Traveling with toiletries can be a hassle. If it’s not smaller than 100ml then forget taking it on an airplane, and throwing SPF into a beach bag can end in disaster if the cap isn’t screwed on tight. We have a simple solution that’ll change the way you travel with your toiletries, and all you’ll need is a few around the house essentials (and your favorite products).

 Materials: Straws, Toiletries (nonflammable!), Matches/ Lighter, Tweezers, ScissorsIMG_9728

Step #1: Cut straws to desired size (consider purchasing extra large straws if planning to use these travel-size portions for everyday products such as shampoo & conditioner).


Step #2: Fuse one end of the straw shut. You’ll do this by holding the straw with tweezers near the end you plan to close. Heat the end of the straw with a match and then use the tweezers as a clamp to seal the ends together.


 Step #3: Place your desired product into the straw. Then seal the second end of the tube using the same method as shown in Step #2. Note: this trick is great for over-night trips & camping


 Step #4: Carry your favorite lotion, moisturizer, and other beauty products wherever you go!