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Parlor Education Day is a weekly workshop event combining the experience of our educators and eagerness of our apprentices in a training environment where we discuss, execute, and refine techniques and trends. All activity is in preparation for selecting the cream of the crop to become stylists in one of our two locations. Built out of our reputation of passion and skill dating back to Parlor's 1994 beginnings. Future members of the Parlor Beauty Squad will have a solid command of their tools and many techniques to draw from when offering services as official members of the Parlor Beauty Squad.

Appointments are available on Mondays as early as 11:00am
to as late as 4 or 5pm.
These services are only available at Parlor on Avenue B in the East Village

Parlor Hair Salon Map

Haircuts $20
Color starts at $20
... up charges in increments of $10
(to offset the cost of some of the best hair color in the industry!)
Highlights start at $40
... up charges in increments of $10

If you are unhappy for any reason we encourage you to contact us!!! If we can fix it right there that is always our preferred option. If you find you are not happy once you get home we strive to have the same apprentice with instructor guidance adjust your service This can be the ultimate learning experience and is an integral part of the process. Any adjustments to services must be done on Mondays. We never allow Education day services to be adjusted during regular salon hours


1. Email the Parlor Beauty Squad with your name, phone number, and an image of your hair showing color, length, and texture to:
SUBJECT LINE RE: "Education Day Model"

2. An education director will consult with you through email and place you with an apprentice.

3. A Parlor front desk associate will contact you by phone to secure your reservation.

*If you wish to try our Academy level apprentices for an upgrade in education level and service fee (our final stage of pre-training before graduation onto the "Styling Floor") click here.


1. All education appointments require a credit card or $20 cash deposit to secure an appointment. Models are the key to our apprentices training success. We ask that participants be dependable and give a 24 hour notice of cancellation or change of appointment or your deposit will be forfeited (this is strictly enforced).

2. We limit participation to once every 6 months per service. If you have participated in our Education program and would like to return to the classroom within a 6 month period, you are eligible to see one of our advanced apprentices on an Academy Day. Education participants may also receive a 20% discount on their first service with Parlor's "New Talent" Stylists who have recently completed the Parlor Training Program and our building their clientele.

3. Please allow a flexible amount of time. Our training is thorough and you should allow more time than you would for a salon level stylist at Parlor.
Haircuts approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
Color/highlighting from 2 to 3 1/2 hours

4. We do not color hair that is below shoulder blades in order to keep timing and product costs reasonable.

5. No children (including babies) or pets can be present. In order to provide an atmosphere of concentration and to limit distractions allowing the apprentice to focus their full attention on your hair.

Click Here for Academy Program Information