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We are serious about recycling!

Find out why at The Recycling Experts. Visit to find local recycling resources and more!

Aveda Caps Campaign

Did you know that a majority of plastic bottle caps do not get recycled today? Join the effort! Save your caps and bring them in to Parlor on your next visit. Find out more at

Hair Recycling and Composting

At Parlor, we bag up and compost (through the local gardens) all the hair that you leave behind!

Wind Energy

Parlor chooses clean wind energy. You can too! Click here!

Plastic Bag and Bottle Reduction

We urge our team and you to use reusable water bottles and bags, not disposable ones. Stop in to purchase your own Parlor reusable tote! Click here to learn more.

Educate yourself!

Click here to calculate your carbon footprint here!