Haircuts From Around the World: From Melbourne to Japan

Traveling has a magical element of inspiration. Inspiration for fashion. Inspiration for food. And inspiration for hair.  From the cobblestones of Paris to the blue lagoons in Iceland, a trip abroad isn’t always just about sightseeing, but also people watching. Noticing the magnificent curls of a passerby, in the city of lights, has the power to launch oneself into a frenzied Google search for “curly fringe” or “A-line bob.” One can easily get lost for hours in the endless scrolling of the Internet, searching for a picture that replicates the haircut and style of a stranger who passed them on the street.

Everyday, the media is awash with images of celebrities, new trends, and theatrical transformations. But, on a global scale, hair trends tend to be more subtle and stick around longer than the average seasonal “It Look” in the United States. At Parlor,  we love everything from the fast-paced glamour to the polished subtlety of long layers and haircuts that will last you months on end.  It can be relieving to have a staple look while awaiting for your next big on-trend haircut, and so with that we take inspiration from salons, stylists, and beauty bloggers from around the globe. Why not take a virtual vacation and soak up the inspiration?

Melbourne, Australia: Graduated Layers

Fashion Blogger: Margaret Zhang | @margaret_zhang















If you want to keep the length of your hair, but add some flair, look no further for inspiration than Melbourne artist and fashion influencer Margaret Zhang. The key to this haircut is keeping the layers short in the front and long in the back. The piecey quality in the front creates texture and movement while the back will maintain a fuller look. The more defined the layers, the ediger the look becomes,  making it easy to match with your personal style.

Paris, France: Classic Bob

Fashion Blogger: Victoria | @mangoandsalt














Paris is known for paying homage to the classics, and this year’s popular hair trend, the classic bob, is no different. The key is nailing the proportions, just slightly longer in the front. Also, it’s a great haircut to add light layering. The layers will cut down on your air-drying time and give more variety when styling. Parfait!

London, England: Face-Framing Cuts

Fashion Blogger: Jenella Powell | @jenella_powell














Round, face-framing curls have been the highlight of 2018 thus far in hair trends, from the UK to New York City, no matter the location, fashion bloggers, models, and top salons have been picking up on this chic look. The beauty of the cut is that it’s easily adaptable to one’s individual texture and facial features. There are endless options with the fringe as well. From a curtain-styled bang to a piecier look that can be easily sweeped behind your ears.

Tokyo, Japan: Piece-y Lob

Fashion Blogger: Eva Moe | @moe____pika













We love the tousled effortlessness of a piecey bob. This hair trend fits perfectly in the street style of Tokyo where fashion and hair seamlessly blend. The length of the hair can range from chin-length to a lob while still achieving the same, fresh effect. This is a perfect look if you want to lose a few inches of length, but still like the freedom of tucking hair behind your ear or throwing it in a small ponytail.

Mexico City, Mexico: Baby Bangs

Hair Salon: | @paprikadf













Every season there seems to be a new take on fringe. While baby bangs have become popular in the trendiest of crowds in the United States, they’ve taken up a more permanent and popular presence in Ciudad de México. The styling for a haircut like this are limitless. As in this photo from the salon Paprika, located in Mexico City, this style can range from grunge, paired with your favorite band tee, to a more bohemian look with a maxi-skirt and a brimmed hat. Don’t know if the blunt fringe is for you? Ask your Parlor stylist to trim the fringe shorter in the center to add dimension and make the look feel lighter.