Inside Parlor’s Beach Bag

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The summer heat has descended upon us and it’s time to fill the beach bags with every accessory and product you may need while snoozing on the sand or floating in the water. The products that made it on our top list will protect your hair and skin from sun damage and add moisture to avoid any dry spots that may come as a result of the heat. 

1. Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture Broad Spectrum spf 15:

Normally we’d agree that wearing makeup on the beach is impractical, but Aveda’s tinted moisturizer keeps your skin safe with spf 15 built into the formula and it allows you to look naturally fresh for a day in the sun without feeling like you went overboard. 

2. Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion: 

This gem will protect your skin from dehydrating after spending hours laying out tanning. It replenishes the skin with moisture and leaves it smelling like camomile and lavender. 

3. Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser:

This product is perfect for protecting color treated hair. It removes chlorine, salt, and product build-up, which increase the chance of discoloration. The cleanser can also be used to retain moisture in the skin. It’ll leave you smelling like summer with its citrus aroma!

4. Wood Paddle Brush:

Bringing a brush to the beach can make or break the experience. We suggest bringing one along so after a long day of letting your hair fly in the wind you can detangle it before hopping back on the subway. It’ll help keep your hair strong!  

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