Ombré Lips That’ll Mega Shine

It’s time for a tutorial on how to create a sweet-summer ombré lip. The steps are easy, so this is a perfect opportunity to provide minimal effort yet look thoughtful and confident in your getup. Makeup artist is Victoria Ratliff, available for bookings at Parlor in Brooklyn. 

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1. Line lips with Aveda’s plum petals lip liner (or a lip liner of your choice). Focus heavily on the outer corners of the mouth. This will help create an exaggerated ombré effect.

2. Smudge the lip liner with a glaze. As you do this you want the color to progressively get lighter as you near the center of your lips (“the pout”). This will create different shades of the hue.

3. Fill the inner pout with a lighter colored lip glaze. This will be the brightest part of the lip.

Products We Used:

1. Aveda’s lip liner (color: plum petals)

2. Aveda’s nourish-mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze (color: winterberry)

3. Aveda’s nourish-mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze (color: himalayan snow)

** All Makeup Used Can Be Found At Our East Village & Atlantic Ave. Locations**

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