Parlor goes Pink!

Here’s how cold cap therapy works!

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  Parlor has teamed up with Hair To Stay, the only national non-profit organization that helps low-income chemotherapy patients afford scalp cooling.  This is a revolutionary treatment rarely covered by insurance as it is considered a medical luxury.  The potential for hair loss robs a patient’s right to medical privacy.  Many people defer chemotherapy out of fear of hair loss.  Cold cap therapy is changing that.


There are several ways to contribute to this amazing cause.  At Parlor, 20% of all lipstick sales will be donated.  You may also make a contribution at check-out with any service or Aveda product purchase when visiting us in-store.  A convenient crowdfunding page is available to make donations online. Click here to donate!


On November 5th, Parlor in the East Village is hosting a chic Fashion Transaction!  You can RSVP Here!