Parlor Visits Arrojo’s Graduating Class

IMG_9567The nervous energy of finding a niché that fits like a shoe goes unparalleled. It’s a sense of belonging. Parlor owner Gwenn LeMoine and Team Lead Stylist Amanda Amabile went to Arrojo’s cosmetology school and spoke with the graduating class (who have definitely already found their niché) about what to expect when working in the bustling beauty industry. Here are two tips that were shared with the students on how to become a successful stylist in the city (and of course these tips apply to any career path!) But before you say “only two tips!” take a moment to consider how different your professional career would be if you applied these two pieces of advice to their full potential.

Learn From Multiple Mentors: IMG_9558

If you only expose yourself to one mentor’s perspective then your entire approach on hairstyling (or any career) becomes limited. Push yourself to learn from multiple mentors and take small tidbits from each of them until you have your very own personalized aesthetic.

Take Every Opportunity:

This point may be the most commonly heard, but it’s also the least followed professional advice out there! The early years of a career aren’t suppose to be easy. It’s about working hard and saying YES to every opportunity. If you don’t know how to solve a problem or complete a task say YES and learn how to fix it.