The Power of The Pixie And Other Amazing Short Cuts


The power of the pixie. It is true that history can be mapped by an era’s style and cultural icons, and the pixie cut is no exception. The hairstyle was first popularized in the ’20s alongside the women’s suffragist movement, when cutting ones locks into a short, cropped look was associated with women’s empowerment, and went along with the era’s party-fueled lifestyle of flapper parties and prohibition cocktails. However, it wasn’t until the ’50s when the pixie was lauded for its sophistication and youthful exuberance, and when Audrey Hepburn made her debut appearance in the film Roman Holiday, that the pixie became popular in the mainstream. After the iconic film, the haircut became a staple in Hollywood glamour and it hasn’t lost its charm since.

The pixie was the first of many new hairstyles in the ’50s that popularized short haircuts for women.  The determining factor between women and men’s styling no longer depended on length alone. There bloomed the category of unisex haircuts, artistic and versatile. And we are eternally grateful! Because the world without a pixie is a sad world indeed.

There are countless iterations of the iconic pixie, from the wispy curls of Hepburn’s debut to the razored pixie of Rihanna at the VMA’s, circa 2012. The versatility of short hair is a huge positive when considering  going  for the big chop. And when it comes to short hair, the pixie is in good company for women and men alike, from buzz cuts to a retro “Dandy” look. Below we’ve compiled haircuts by Parlor stylists for all your short-hair inspiration.

1. Wispy Pixie


























Photos: (top) Bryzow, (bottom) Shirley Hagel

A short haircut doesn’t mean all movement is lost! This soft-styled pixie keeps a textured look that looks great tousled and on-the-go. It’s also a wonderful cut to sport  your natural wave.

2. Blunt Pixie























Photos: (top) Victoria Slade (bottom) Cristina Vince

The beauty of the pixie is in its architecture of lines. This edgy iteration with straight bangs gives us all the feels of punk rock, but pair it with a ruffled shirt or a floppy brim hat for a fun mix of style.

3. The Sidecut













Photo: Bryzow

What better way to have the best of both worlds? The sidecut is a playful look that balances longer hair on one side of the part with a buzzed section on the other. It’s creative and bold.

4. Buzz Cut
























Photos: (top) Victoria Slade, (bottom) Alex Torres

The buzz cut has had an important fashion moment this past year. It exudes confidence and sophistication and has been donned by numerous celebrities on the red carpet, from Cara Delevigne to Amandla Stenberg.

5. Structured Bob
























Photos: (top) Giovanna Berardi, (bottom) Liz Taillie

The structured bob, or the long pixie, is a versatile cut that eliminates the mess of long hair, but still gives a sense of volume and abundance . One can keep the bob long enough to tuck hair behind the ear, or sport an asymmetrical low-to-high cut.

6. Undercut 
























Photos: (top) Shirley Hagel, (bottom) Bryzow

Styling is a blast when it comes to the messy, undercut pixie.  This top-heavy cut is great at highlighting the natural waves of one’s hair and has a wide range of styling techniques for when you wake up in the morning and crave something a little different.

7. Short & Natural
























Photos: (top) Cristina Vince, (bottom) Jenny Davis

This natural style is perfect to keep it simple and chic. Depending on what length you like your hair best, ask your stylist to play with shape and structure and your curls will no doubt be magical.

8. Faux Hawk

























Photos: (top) Sarah LeMoine Jones, (bottom) Victoria Slade

The faux hawk is a haircut that takes a bit of commitment, but when you’re ready for a new chapter in your hair, this look will give you a makeover. What’s better than punk-chic?

At Parlor, we love all things hair. From a structured pixie to a shaggy cut, we love  finding the perfect look to fit every client, and experiment with length, color, volume, and style. We’ll see you next time at the salon!