Summer Style Challenge: Braid, Set & Go!

Braid, Set, Go!

With the change of the seasons comes a change of routine.  We must adapt to our new conditions as the weather shifts from cold and dry, to hot and humid. Creating a hair style that lasts through the busy day and can beat the heat and humidity is a challenge, and the Parlor Beauty Squad is here to share some style tips and tricks to help!

One of our favorite ways to style hair in the Summer is a braid set. Braids on their own are beautiful, but with the right products and technique, the style can transform to a controlled and smooth wave that is perfect for the season!  Utilizing the Aveda Smooth Infusion system of hair care and styling products, we can create a perfect hair style that  will stay frizz free and controlled.

Before: In this photo, you can see Kaitlyn’s hair has unwanted volume and an uneven wave pattern.
Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Smoothing Masque

Parlor Luminaries, meet Kaitlyn!  Her hair is beautiful, with some natural wave, and full body.  In the humid summer months, Kaitlyn complains that her hair can become unruly and needs taming.  Her go-to techniques for creating a summer style is the Braid, Set and Go!  First, she starts with Smooth Infusion Shampoo to cleanse the hair.  After rinsing out the shampoo, Kaitlyn applies the Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque, a deep conditioner that reduces unwanted volume and softens the hair with the power of cupuacu and shea butters.

Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother

Once the hair is rinsed thoroughly of the masque, Kaitlyn gently towels off excess water and evenly applies a small amount of Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother through damp hair, which protects from humidity for up to 12 hours.

After the hair has been prepped, Kaitlyn sections her hair into three parts for a medium braid with medium curl and low volume.  She then dispenses a small amount of Aveda’s New Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme to her hands and works into her hair before braiding.  We love the new Nourishing Styling Creme!  It smooths and nourishes your hair, helps seal in moisture, and locks out frizz all day, even in instense humidity, while still leaving hair with natural movement.

After Kaitlyn is finished braiding, her hair looks like this!


 We think these braids look awesome on their own, but Kaitlyn isn’t finished yet!  She lets her hair air dry and wears the braids as her style in the meantime.  When her hair is dry, she lightly mists her hair with Air Control hairspray and gently releases the braid to reveal her beautiful and simple Summer Style!


Voila!  In just three easy steps, Kaitlyn was able to achieve a tame and controlled curl that won’t frizz out or rough up from the humidity.

Prep, Style, Finish.

Product + Technique = Results


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