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Look of the Week: Distressed Tips

POSTED: 06/22/14 10:04 AM

This week’s look is inspired by our assistant Tyler! She cut off a hefty portion of her locks and dyed the tips a distressed green to create an edgy contrast to her previously long, wave tresses. Stylist Cristina Vince mixed the colors and ended up recreating Tyler’s inspiration photo (see photo below) flawlessly! Inspiration Photo:             … Continue reading Look of the Week: Distressed Tips

Tips On How To Use Aveda Products To Their Full Potential

POSTED: 05/22/14 12:44 PM

Aveda products are designed to be multifunctional, yet few people know the different ways they can use what’s already in their bathroom cabinets. We’ve chosen three of our most popular products and given you tips on how to make them more useful than ever. ** stars indicate which functions are Parlor’s tips to you Beautifying … Continue reading Tips On How To Use Aveda Products To Their Full Potential

Spring 2014 Must-Have Accessories

POSTED: 05/19/14 3:33 PM

Dear Luminaries, It’s about time we stop hiding our hair underneath hats and scarves considering spring is amidst us. And while we put away the winter accessories let’s pull out a few replacements. Warmer weather doesn’t necessarily mean brighter colors because let’s face it, for some (like us!), neutrals are the bread and butter to … Continue reading Spring 2014 Must-Have Accessories