We Pin Beauty

Pinterest can be a twilight zone between the reality we live and the laundry list of DIYs and tutorials we’d like to accomplish. In Parlor’s new blog series “We Pin Beauty,” our objective is to expose our followers to the trendiest beauty inspiration and healthy living options (yes, that includes food, makeup, hair, and home decor tutorials and DIYs). If you want us to foolproof a hairstyle or tutorial that you see in any of the photos, leave a comment and we’ll create a post detailing our own version of the style and a step-by-step tutorial.

We Pin Beauty: Vol. 1

** All photos are taken from Pinterest & original sources can be found via clicking on the desired photo**

     We Pin Beauty #2 We Pin Beauty #1

We Pin Beauty #4

We Pin Beauty #13We Pin Beauty #5
We Pin Beauty #7
  We Pin Breauty #9We Pin Beauty #3

 We Pin Beauty #15