We’re Not Teasing About This Crown Twist

Braided hairstyles have become a staple to this season’s look books, but keeping up with the ladies who’ve already grown their hair into mermaid like tresses can be difficult if volume isn’t your strong suit. We took the challenge of transforming straight, mid-length hair into a voluminous crown twist to show that any look can be managed no matter hair type. Stylist: Giovanna Berardi

Materials: comb, flat iron, brush, and bobby pins 

 Makeup: Dual Finish Powder (as base), Winterberry Rehydrating Lip Glaze, Brazilian Sun Uruku Bronzer (under cheekbones), Black Orchid Eye Definer (on eyelids), Apricot Whisper Face Accent (over cheeks), Shimmering Accents (on high points of cheekbones)  




1. Use a comb to section off a small portion of hair. Tease the hair by moving the comb away from your body (back combing), counterintuitive to how one normally brushes their hair.


2. Use a flat iron to set the texture created by the backcombing.


3. Gently brush the hair from roots to end.


4. Repeat steps 1-3 until all hair has been texturized. It should look something like this!


5. The twist will start from the far right side of your head. Portion the hair into two sections and crisscross the pieces. Add hair to the sections when twisting (similar to french braiding). Continue to twist until the hair is fully wrapped around the head.


6. Secure the tail of the twist with bobby bins.